Customer Service

Goldwater Industries is known for our superior customer service, and our ability and willingness to go the extra mile to meet your needs.


We pride ourselves on our world-class customer service, and outstanding sales reps.

Bottom Line Impact

By streamlining your ordering process with our easy-to-use barcode scanner system, we save you both time and money. We save you time by making your ordering process simple and easy, and we save you money by avoiding the "overstuffing" often seen with a traditional route sales rep.

Easy to Use

Our barcode ordering system is easy to use, and we take the time to explain it to your employees.

We can even implement ordering controls so certain items can be "blocked," or all orders over a certain dollar amount require management approval. We are here to meet YOUR needs.

How the route sales rep model costs you extra

We will provide a line-by-line breakdown of how your current route sales rep purchasing costs you extra, whether it's bin "overstuffing;" mixing in unnecessarily high-cost, higher grade fasteners; or swapping out cheaper internationally-sourced items rather than domestic - you will receive a clear breakdown of your shop, bin by bin, and drawer by drawer.

We organize, clean, and label your shop

If your shop isn't properly labeled and organized, your staff are likely to order stock they don't need because they can't find the products you have currently. We do a complete re-organization, including cleaning and clearly labeling all of your steel and shelves.

We save you money by allowing you to use what you have, and get rid of what you don't with our buy-back program. We will buy-back your unused and unnecessary items, even if we didn't sell it to you.


Goldwater Industries is in the process of being sold. Please contact your local rep for more information.